Cozy Scream


A Primal Scream Ceremony


Cozy Scream: Guidance for your Primal Scream Ceremony

Find a place where you will be alone and undisturbed during your ceremony. There are no expectations here. You can go sit on your bed with clutter piled all around, or go to your beautifully dedicated sacred space, or anything in between. Don’t think too hard about the “perfect” spot, as I hope you’ll make this ceremony a regular part of your life. So, go with whatever space popped into your head first.

Once you have found your spot, open your bag, and remove all the items. Begin by gently shaking the Cozy Scream aura mist and spritzing it a few times and walking through the mist, allowing your senses to take in the aroma. When you feel an energetic shift, find a comfortable spot to sit.

Grab the journal and pen and just start writing. I don’t want to give too much instruction here, as it’s important to let what needs to rise to the surface, rise.

If you need a little bit of guidance you can ask yourself the following questions and answer in your journal…
-Where do I feel repressed?
-What needs to be released?
-What am I sad or angry about?
-What makes me want to scream?

Journal until you feel that you’ve uncovered something, no matter how big or small. Hopefully this will be only one ceremony of many, so you don’t have to uncover and release everything at once.

After the journaling for this session feels complete, take the Cozy Scream anointing oil and apply to your throat area, the center of your chest, and your belly. After applying with the roller, you may take your hand and massage it in on each of the three areas in circular motions.

These three areas are only suggestions. You may apply the anointing oil to any areas that you feel guided to. You’ll want to focus on areas where anger, sadness, or repressed emotions may be stored. Take special note of what you were feeling while journaling (and where in your body you were feeling it) and that may give you a clue as to where you should anoint.

As you massage in the anointing oil, imagine the essence of the oil seeping into all the places where your sacred rage is stored and gently, lovingly, invoking a release.

Now, grab your towel and place the thick part over your mouth while cupping your neck area with the tail of the towel to protect your throat.

Release what needs to be released.

I understand that this can feel awkward, especially the first few times you perform the ceremony. So go easy on yourself. Play with different types of screams to acclimate yourself. Pretend you’re yelling at someone across a crowded, noisy room. Pretend you’re in a horror movie and you’re giving your best camera-worthy scream. Try out different pitches, maybe a high shriek and then a deep wail. Don’t force anything, as we want to protect your voice. Just find what feels good as a release.

Scream until your heart is content. When you feel complete, take a moment to sit in silence and just be with yourself.

If you feel called, spritz yourself once more with the Cozy Scream aura mist to close out the ceremony. Now you can return all your ceremony items to the bag.

Until next time.

Added Bonus Ritual Ideas: You can tear out the pages you have written on after each ceremony and burn them in a fire ritual as an additional release. As an alternative, once you have filled up all the pages, you can burn the entire journal in a fire ritual. Another idea could be to finely shred up the paper and mix it in with the soil as you are gardening. There are many ways you can do something meaningful with the words you have written so they can be transmuted and released. Don’t be afraid to listen to your intuition and get creative.

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