The Cozy Hermit Coven is a comforting, introspective, and witchy place nestled in a bright and inviting forest cottage. Here we gather around the hearth to talk about all things cozy and mystical.


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Since the rebranding of the Mountain Practice Journeys podcast to the Cozy Hermit Coven podcast the topics have changed a bit. Cozy Hermit Coven podcast will feature the following topic areas: astrology; shadow work; enneagram; tarot; human design; anti-racism and decolonization; metaphysical topics; dream work; combating and healing from capitalism, white supremacy, and patriarchy; forest bathing; getting back to nature; highly sensitive people; ancestor work; herbalism; chronic illness; aromatherapy; witchcraft; trans rights; LGBTQIA2S+ topics; rituals and spells; honoring your roots and the importance of returning to indigenous wisdom; gods and goddesses; neurodivergence; Celtic and Druid heritage (and YOUR own heritage that you would like to educate people about); meditation and yoga; spiritual awakening topics; education about appropriation; basic adulting topics about how to live in a late-stage capitalism world; and overall how to be a better human.

If you feel as though you would like to speak on any of these topic areas, I’d love to have you. And if you know someone who would mesh well with the Cozy Hermit Coven vibe and would like to speak on any of these topics, please put us in touch. I recognize that I am not an authority to speak on all of these topics and I want to amplify other’s voices.

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Special Note: As some of you may know, I hosted the Mountain Practice Journeys podcast for almost three years, from January 2021 until October 2023. That podcast started out supporting therapists with their venture into private practice, and over time became a little more mystical and witchy with each year. So I have basically rebranded the Mountain Practice Journeys podcast to become the Cozy Hermit Coven so that I can keep all the past episodes and all the amazing interviews with wonderful people that I have recorded over the years. But the Cozy Hermit Coven podcast begins in October 2023 with Episode 102.

Anti-Racism & Decolonization Promise: I am committed to unlearning ways of being that are steeped in capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy, racism, & white supremacy. Although I will stumble along the way, I promise to make space in my programs for nuances, conversations, & feedback on topics of race, gender, sexuality, class, disability, & other identities from folks with lived experiences of oppression that I do not share.

Land Acknowledgement: With gratitude & respect I acknowledge that the land on which I live & work is the stolen territory of the Cherokee people (ᏣᎳᎫᏪᏘᏱ Tsalaguwetiyi). I honor this land & its stewards - past, present, & future. I encourage learning about the land you are on at native-land.ca in addition to reflecting on your role in reconciliation, building meaningful relationships, & responsibly and reciprocally caring for the land.