Cozy Hermit Mentor


I would be honored to walk alongside you in this life. I love mentoring beautiful souls in the areas of life, business, and the mystical. Sessions are $108 and one hour in length.


The fact that we’re alive means that at any given time we’ll be going through some shit. Having a mentor that will be fully present with you and offer encouraging council during your most difficult days can be a breath of fresh air. I’ll also be cheering you on in celebration of your most amazing days. Sometimes you just need a listening ear. Sometimes you just need to go off on a rant. Sometimes you just need a bit of direction. And other times you just need to talk with someone who gets what it’s like to be a mystical person in a “practical” world, or who knows what having a chronic illness is like, or someone who is also introverted and highly sensitive – I got you.

Throughout my life, I’ve been the owner and visionary behind several businesses. I have experience as a couples therapist running a private pay practice, a web designer, a life and business coach, a podcaster, a retreat leader, and an Etsy shop owner. I have reinvented myself time and time again through my businesses and I intimately understand the nuances, triumphs, and challenges that come with being a sensitive solopreneur. I can help you navigate being a mystic, introvert, or sensitive in the world of entrepreneurship. We can talk marketing, websites, networking, and all that – but more importantly, we’ll explore who you are and how you can design your business to support you.

The exploration of many ancient and metaphysical topics can help you to gain a better understanding of yourself and uncover helpful insights to support you in life. During our time together we may decide to call on some ancient wisdom for added guidance. This may be in the form of astrology, numerology, divination, meditation, gene keys, human design, ritual, yoga, feng shui, tarot, enneagram, moon phases, and any other form of guidance we decide to call on. Special care will be taken to thoughtfully honor and appreciate (without appropriating) the cultures where this beautiful and healing wisdom originated.

I can hold space for all of you...


As a previously licensed mental health therapist you can rest assured that I am trauma-informed and know how to hold space for you. And as a member of the Decolonized Coach Community I am working from an anti-racist lens and am actively decolonizing myself and my business to create a space that – is not just paying lip service, but – is genuinely and truly welcoming for all.

You’ll notice that I’m not trying to persuade you to work with me. You’ll also notice that I’m not doing my best to touch on all your “pain points” in a way that makes you think that I have the answers to what ails you.


I believe this is part of my work in this world – to make the coaching industry less gross and extractive.


I don’t talk about how much money you’ll make as a result of working with me. I don’t promise that all your problems will be solved after X sessions. In fact, I don’t make any promises, other than the promise of showing up for you, giving you my presence and caring attention, and offering any expertise I have gathered throughout my life and my experiences.


I know that finding the right mentor is important, and sometimes you don’t know until you meet someone and can feel their energy. So if you are considering working with me and would like to meet me first, please feel free to schedule a Cozy Hermit Chat as a way of getting to know me a bit better.


You are also welcome to just schedule a mentoring session to see how it goes. I work with people in many different ways. Some I see weekly or bi-weekly until a desire has been fulfilled. Others I see monthly for ongoing support and accountability, as they want to stay on top of their dreams and goals. And some I will see only once or twice for guidance around a specific concern. I’m happy to work with you in whatever capacity is needed for your current intentions.


What clients have said about working with me...

“Gentle, reassuring and powerful, a really beautiful experience. You are incredibly present and generous with your support.”

“An absolute joy. You are a ray of sunshine on a crisp, cold day. You inspire comfort and clarity just by being you! The way you show up for yourself and your business has really helped me see what’s possible. You do this with such authenticity and humility. I love that you never present yourself as an authority. You never make empty promises, condescend, judge or tell anyone what to do. You simply share yourself and offer insight as it comes and I love how this facilitates genuine connection and personal insight.”

Anti-Racism & Decolonization Promise: I am committed to unlearning ways of being that are steeped in capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy, racism, & white supremacy. Although I will stumble along the way, I promise to make space in my programs for nuances, conversations, & feedback on topics of race, gender, sexuality, class, disability, & other identities from folks with lived experiences of oppression that I do not share.

Land Acknowledgement: With gratitude & respect I acknowledge that the land on which I live & work is the stolen territory of the Cherokee people (ᏣᎳᎫᏪᏘᏱ Tsalaguwetiyi). I honor this land & its stewards - past, present, & future. I encourage learning about the land you are on at in addition to reflecting on your role in reconciliation, building meaningful relationships, & responsibly and reciprocally caring for the land.